“Cream” Garland

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Let naturalness and freedom into any palace and any chamber! Garlands highlight the magnificence of the little prince or princess and the little knight or fairy. The same goes for tents in the garden! 🙂

Garlands are an ornament to any interior. You can use them to be part of the set design for a puppet show, a birthday party or a carnival ball. They can turn a child’s room into a magic kingdom, rock a play date, create a fairy-tale atmosphere for reading a book at bedtime.

Garlands are a wonderful addition to a canopy, a tepee, a crib, wall decoration, or a window.

Boho is an artistic bohemian style; you’ll find some ethnic references here and there, a number of flowers where possible, and naturalness – a nod to Mother Nature.

Combine our garlands with canopies and cushions!

The garland is carefully made of beige, grey and teal linen pennants, sewn to a tape.

Fabric: 100% linen and 100% cotton both OEKO-TEX® certified.
Garland length: 2.2 m.

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