“Light Pink” Linen Cloud Cushion

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Comfortable, casual, laid-back. Games and play may go on for hours and you never know where the adventure takes you! But if you need to rest or take a nap, it’s best to do it on a soft snug cushion…

Decorative cushions by Moi Mili are beautiful, very comfortable and practical. They are a lovely decoration of the child’s room, making it extremely cosy and creating perfect conditions for naps and – obviously – play!

Boho is an artistic bohemian style guided by comfort, summer and freedom. You’ll find some ethnic references here and there, a number of flowers where possible, and naturalness – a nod to Mother Nature.
Make your own cushion compositions of the available patterns!

A boho style cloud-shaped cushion, carefully sewn from high quality salmon pink linen. Perfect for bright colour palettes.

Filled with high quality anti-allergic silicone fibre balls. You can safely wash it in a washing machine, the filling stays fluffy and elastic.

Fabric: 100% OEKO-TEX® certified linen.
Washing temperature: up to 30°C.
Dimensions: 39 cm x 28 cm.

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