“Marina Boulevard Walk” Velvet Moon Mat

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A holiday that lasts forever. A warm breeze from the ocean and the sun in your hair, just like in California. A comfortable mat is a part of every adventurer’s inventory; it is also useful during long meetings on a cliff, debates in a tepee – or simply as a flying carpet 🙂

The Moon mat works as a great comfortable rug in a toddler’s room and can serve as an addition to a tent, canopy or wall decoration. It can also be used for play in the garden or at a picnic from an early age.

The comfy mat is part of our sunny summer collection, inspired by memories of complete bliss, overpoweringly beautiful nature of California, a bandana around your head and taking a rest on a blanket. This is a tribute from us, the big children, to the next generation. Just chillin’!

Create an entire cosy nook by matching the mat with our cushions!

This round mat with moon pattern is sewn firmly from fluffy velvet, in yellow and beige colour. It works perfectly as a small rug by the bed, a play mat for the baby on the floor or in the garden. It will also work well in the living room!

Durable, double-sided, filled with thick insulation lining.

Fabric: 100% velvet, 100% cotton OEKO-TEX® certified
Washing temperature: up to 30°C.
Size: 120 x 120 cm +-3 cm; thickness: 3 cm.

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Weight 1 kg