“Red Candy” Christmas Round Patchwork Mat

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To feel the Christmas magic is one thing! But to immediately smell the Christmas tree and almost hear the rustling gift paper is another!
A comfortable mat is a part of every adventurer’s inventory; it is also useful during long meetings in tepees, and comes in handy as a boat when crossing rivers 🙂

The mat works as a great comfortable rug in a toddler’s room and can serve as an addition to a tent, canopy or wall decoration. It can also be used for play in the garden or at a picnic from an early age.

The mat is part of our unique Christmas collection, which easily brings about the magic of Christmas in a cosy children’s room full of decorations, sweets and gifts. This is our sweetest collection inspired by traditional holiday decorative candies.
Our collection also features cushions and garlands.

This circus-inspired round mat is sewn firmly from pieces of ruby velvet and natural thick beige cotton. It perfectly matches our candy cushions and Christmas stockings 🙂 In the living room, it will work well as a rug under the Christmas tree or as a play area for the little ones.

Durable, double-sided, filled with thick insulation lining.

Fabric: polyester and OEKO-TEX® certified cotton.
Washing temperature: up to 30°C.
Size: 120 x 120 cm +- 3 cm; thickness: 3 cm.

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Weight 1 kg