Soft Velvet Cushion with Frill “Caramel”

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Games and play may go on for hours and you never know where the adventure takes you! But if you need to rest or take a nap, it’s best to cuddle a soft snug cushion…

Decorative cushions by Moi Mili are beautiful, very comfortable and practical. They are a lovely decoration of the child’s room, making it extremely cosy and creating perfect conditions for naps and – obviously – play!

We created this collection because we love to cuddle! Cuddling benefits both your health and mind and is the most pleasant cure for bad mood.
Make your own cushion compositions of the available patterns!

A beautiful fluffy cushion with a romantic frill, carefully sewn from high quality caramel-coloured velvet fabric with elastane that lays beautifully and shines. Super soft to touch, for the bedroom and the living room.

Filled with high quality anti-allergic silicone fibre balls. You can safely wash it in a washing machine, the filling stays fluffy and elastic.

Fabric: 82% cotton, 18% polyester
Washing temperature: up to 30°C.
Size: 40 x 60 cm, including frill.

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Weight 1 kg