Travel Bags “Flower Power”

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It’s nice to be well organized, isn’t it? Our bags are the perfect solution for travelers who want to keep their luggage organized. You can store clean underwear in one bag and dirty underwear in the other to avoid mixing them together. The beautiful embroidery sewn on them will help to distinguish them from each other. In fact, you can hide in them any clothes or items you need in your escapade.

The laundry bags are made of high-quality cotton. which will ensure long-lasting use. Thanks to them you no longer have to worry about your clothes being damaged or soiled during your trip.

These bags are part of the Nice Travel collection. Combine them with makeup bags and be prepared for any trip!

Kids love playing games that involve treasure hunts or hidden objects, and these pouches are perfect for that. They can also serve as a pouch for small accessories, toys or souvenirs from the trip.
In addition, with their beautiful designs, they will encourage children to play and be creative.

The pouches are practical in size and lightweight, they will fit into any luggage.
Dimensions: 44×31
Material: 100% cotton